To live is to experience the world through our senses.

Our happiness and well-being depends on the quality and the intensity of these experiences.

Every human being, be it an accountant or a monk, knows this… the warming glow of a sunset… the scent of moist wood… the sound of a log burning… the taste of salt in the air at the coast… the feeling of a cool breeze on the face… This is what makes us feel at ease and reassured that the eternal cycle of events will never be broken.

From Astrology to Zen, from Taoism to modern science, all schools of thought have one thing in common, they tell us about the interaction of the elements.

To me, this is the Soul of Reality, and what this series is all about… the interaction of the elements.

I have used a collection of images, to tell the story of this interaction.

Wood with Water, Fire with Wood, Stone with Fire, Fire with Water, Water with Air…